VBA Password Bypasser – Useful for Your Need!

Have you somehow forgotten your VBA password, which you might have applied to your VBA Projects to protect the code created from it? This password is must to view and edit the source code of your VBA projects in MS Office utilities including Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. VBA Password Remover software will be useful for your need to remove VBA password. This tool works as a VBA password bypasser as it will reset VBA project password to solve your quandary. You can perform the following VBA password removal tasks using our software.

vba password remover
  • Remove VBA Excel password
  • Remove VBA Word password
  • Remove VBA PowerPoint password

Demo Version – FREE Trial Facility!

You get this facility of trying and checking the tool prior to its purchase absolutely free of cost. You can download this version online. Using the FREE Demo Version of VBA Password Remover, you can recover 2 characters of your changed VBA password.

    remove vba password

Process Used by Our Software :

  • Firstly, your protected VBA files are scanned
  • Then, your VBA password is reset by our software
  • The new password is assigned to your VBA file
  • Original password is overwritten with a new password
  • Newly created password will work as your new working password
  • It is possible for you to unlock your protected VBA project files using this newly created password

Software Features Counter :

  • Remove passwords from protected VBA project files
  • Possible to recover VBA password of any length
  • Possible to copy recovered passwords to clipboard or file
  • Possible to recover multilingual passwords also
  • Recover VBA passwords from .doc files
  • Recover VBA passwords from .xla files
  • Recover VBA passwords from .xls files
  • You get backup of original VBA project file

Full Version – Acquire Complete Password:

Full software version if for full VBA password recovery. Using the Full Licensed Version of VBA Password Remover software, you can acquire complete changed password i.e. you can get all the characters of the changed VBA password.