Access Recovery Software- Repair All Damage MS Access Files!

With Access File Recovery Software, you can repair all damaged MS Access database items without causing data loss or data deletion. The tool is especially designed to avoid changes in the originality of data while performing Access database recovery software process. The best feature of tool, which is praised by maximum users, is speed. The tool repairs MS Access Database files of all sizes in less time. One more feature, which makes this tool completely superior than other Access Database Recovery tools, is Usage. The tool provides very simple, understandable and graphically improved interface to carry out Access recovery process.

When Access Database Recovery Program Helpful?

Common error messages which you get in case of corruption of access file are:

  • The Microsoft Jet Engine Database unable to open access file and could not find any object.
  • Showing error message pop up Enter Password either there is no password allotted to the database.
  • Access database has encountered a problem in opening close application
  • DAO (data application object) error & 3112 error messages showing database.
error 3112
  • The database isn't a database file.
  • No permission to open access database.

Reasons of corruption are:

  • Improper system shutdown.
  • Lost due to virus invasion
  • System failure and deleted working database
  • Malfunctioning of utility and power failure.

To solve all these errors, take MS access file recovery which is one of the advance utility of data recovery software and fix all corruption issues of MDB & ACCDB files and also repair password protected files.

MS Access Recovery Steps To Recover Access Database

  • Open the access database recovery and browse the corrupted access file.
  • Recover MDB & ACCDB files and select the location for saving database.
  • Export database on system.

Preview Before Buy Access Recovery: If you want to be sure whether this tool performs ACCDB recovery freeware process perfectly or not then, you can try it for free by downloading the demo version. The free demo version provides you the preview of recovered items of Access database on your computer screen.

Purchase Access Recovery: After taking free trial with demo version if you wish to experience complete ACCDB recovery tool then, you need to purchase the full version of Access Recovery.

Alternate Solution- Though, tool is a life-time solution for MS Access recovery process but, if you donít want to purchase it due to some reasons then, you can take a look at Access database repair services.

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