Access File Reader – Solve Corruption & Data Inaccessibility Issue!

Have you been using MS Access regularly for creating simple databases for any operations like payroll, sales, accounting, stock control etc?

Are You Facing the Following Issues?

  • Access Corruption: Corruption can occur due to many uninvited reasons like virusattack, application malfunctioning etc.
  • Unreadable MDB Files: When MDB files get corrupted, you can lose access to all yourdatabase contents. On opening these corrupted files, you can even encounter errors.

Solve the Issues that You Are Facing:

Your MS Access database contents must be crucial to you and their loss can pose serious problems for you and your organization. So, an immediate recovery action is must to save you from grave loss. An apt way of dealing with this issue is to invest in an efficient third-party tool that works as an Access MDB file reader solution for you and helps you read corrupted and unreadable MDB files.

Access File Reader: One such tool that can work as an MS Access file reader solution for you is Access Recovery software. It scans corrupted Access database, reads unreadable files and repairs them to create healthy MDB files, which can be read easily by you. Thus, it will work as a Microsoft Access file reader solution for you.

Download Free Demo

You can download the demo version of Access Recovery - Access Repair for FREE. The demo version of the mdb Repair will show you the preview of the corrupted database that can be saved with the full purchased version of the software.

Software Full Licensed Version (Complete Recovery): You can order for any of the licenses available for the Full Version of Access Recovery software (Personal License is ONLY for $69 and Business License is for $189).