How to Execute Accdb File Recovery?

Accdb is the extension of Access file in Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010. Users get polished functionality in Microsoft Access using ACCDB format of Access file, and they get fields of multiple values and high cryptography. If you are Access 2007 and Access 2010 user and you are getting following faulty messages:

  • Access asks to "Enter Password", even if there was no password set by user
  • It shows "Unrecognized database format"
  • You get "Error 3800: AO Index is not an index in this table"
  • "****.accdb" cannot be accessed.
  • Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open the file
  • Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close
  • The database needs to get repaired or it's not a Microsoft Access file
  • Unrecognized database format
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Then, you can easily figure out the cause which is, corruption or damage of ACCDB file. ACCDB file usually gets corrupted due to virus attacks, hardware failures, software malfunctioning, JET errors, Trojan infections, change in tables etc.

Get Best Free Accdb File Recovery Software

You can get rid of above mentioned faulty messages by selecting "Compact & Repair" option in database utilities from tools menu of Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010. But, in some cases when you are not able to execute ACCDB File Recovery with this compact and repair option then, you can choose Accdb Recovery tools and recover accdb file. There are many tools to recover Microsoft Access database but, ACCDB Database Recovery software designed by Our Group is an excellent computer program because it can recover Access database from almost all Access Versions (MS Access 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 and 97). It can perform Accdb recovery software (.accdb and .mdb file) recovery both. This software has the ability to repair (26 tables, 98969 records per table) from 1GB database in just 4 minutes at a conversion rate of 256 MB/min.